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Camemora Scenic
Welcome Aboard - Tall Ship Lord Nelson - No 19
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Camemora Scenic - Welcome Aboard - Tall Ship Lord Nelson - No 19
Enjoy the very special experience of an 8-day trip sailing out of Greenock on the sts Lord Nelson as a member of the Voyage Crew (40 passengers) divided into 4 watches, each fully fit individual 'buddied' with another less fit based on medical information provided. They learn and share the onboard duties with permanent crew, and are encouraged to go aloft under careful supervision and with compulsory harness. The outstanding feature, and compelling reason for this video, was the collective bonding of different ages, gender and physical abilities, and the natural awareness of providing assistance when needed. A happy departure from the self-interest of normal daily life. And sailing on a Tall Ship is out of this world! Running Time approximately 58 minutes (Pal)
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