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Ceilidh Mor
Winching in Lochmaddy
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Ceilidh Mor - Winching in Lochmaddy
Winching In Lochmaddy - and that's winching with sailors, not young ladies! Ceilidh dance sets & listening tunes from an eclectic selection of instruments - fiddle, mandola, eggs, sax, cabassa, trombone..

Disk 1 : Dusty Windowsills/The Long Water/Rory McLeod, Ciel d'Automn, Braes Of Dunvegan/Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell/The Sweetnes of Mary, Winching in Lochmaddy, The Frieze Breeches, hehir and hehir/Ms Freda Strachan, Thunderhead/Lemonville Jig/BlueberryBonnach/The Double Rise, Waltz Quadrille/RonaMorgana, Waiting for the Federals/La Grande Chaine/La Bastrangue, The High Road to Banff/Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Glasgow, Ceilidh Mor - Fiona Johnstons Waltz/MrsFergusons/Waltz/Ms Kate Ramsden of Locherbie/piano coda

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