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Various Pipe Bands
World Pipe Band Championships 2004 - Vol 2
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Various Pipe Bands - World Pipe Band Championships 2004  - Vol 2
Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia, Vale Of Atholl, Dysart & Dundonald, Western Australia Police, Clan Gregor Society, Bleary & District, City Of Washington

Disk 1 : MSR: Kantara to el Arish - Blair Drummond - John Morrison of Assynt House (Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia), Melody: the Calling - the Bob O' Fettercairn - Thoughts O' Burns & More (Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia), MSR: John McDonald of Glencoe - Dora MacLeod - Mrs.MacPherson of Inveran (Vale Of Atholl), Medley: Beth Tobin - Elizabeth Kelly's Delight - Jig O' Slurs & More (Vale Of Atholl), MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy - Arniston Castle - John McKechnie (Dysart & Dundonald), Medley: Mr.Jacko - Marjorie Lowe - Deadwood Chanter & More (Dysart & Dundonald), MSR: the Clan MacRae Society - Dora MacLeod - MacAllister's Dirk (Western Australia Police), Medley: Michael MacDonald's Jig - Cheeze In the Taco & More (Western Australia Police), MSR: Highland Wedding - Susan MacLeod - Mrs.MacPherson of Inveran (Clan Gregor Society), Medley: Carradale Bay - Padd (Clan Gregor Society), MSR: Hugh Kennedy BSc - the Shepherd's Crook - Thomson's Dirk (Bleary & District), Medley: Mrs.Mary Anderson of Lochranza - the Curlew - Haitian Sensation & More (Bleary & District), MSR: the Links of Forth - Arniston Castle - John Morrison of Assynt House (City Of Washington), Medley: the Guilford & Glencoe Juvenile Pipe Band - A.A.Cameron's Strathspey - Barbara's Strathspey & More (City Of Washington)

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