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Gary Forrest and Roddy Matthews
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Gary Forrest and Roddy Matthews - Barrowburn
Gary Forrest - Accordion, Keyboards, Bass Roddy Matthews - Fiddle Nicky McMichan - Drums Pipe Major Andy Grant - Scottish Smallpipes

Disk 1 : Barrowburn, Border Marches, Hunthill Cottage, Gary's Solo, Border Waltzes, Ceilidh Jigs, Midlam March, 6/8 Pipe Marches, Shetland / Northumbrian Reels, Da Bothal Bothie Two-step, Roddy's Hornpipes, Gary And Nicky's Set, Passchaendale Set, Gaelic Waltzes, The Lovely Lynn Set, Margaret Ann Robertson, Jiggyreelypipey Set

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