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Occasionals - Birling
The Occasionals ceilidh band started in 1986, featuring a number of great musical friends. Over time it naturally distilled into the quartet of musicians heard here on this, their seventh recording: Freeland Barbour, Ian Hardie, Kevin MacLeod and Gus Millar. This album is a celebration of 25 years of playing dances at many different occasions, and the band has included some old classics, lesser known gems from Jimmy Shand and Bobby MacLeod, and a good few new ones from Freeland.

Disk 1 : Gay Gordons (4/4Marches) The Hornes Set: Compliments to Sandy & Angela Horne / Jimmy Horne of Clochkan, Strip the Willow (8x32barJigs) The Occasionals Jigs: Kevin Macleod's / The Millar Man / Conal an dranndain / Hardie's Triumph, Canadian Barn Dance(2/4Marches): The Highland Wedding / The Australian Ladies, St.Bernard's (or any 32 bar) Waltz: Orkney Memories, Virginia Reel (64 bar Version) The Westringing Set: Carn Gorm to Blue Ridge / Banjo Branch Fiddle / French Broad Lightning / Late Nigh At Kincragie, The Military Two Step (or any two step) The Capstan Two-Step: Heave A Pawl, Old Time Waltz (16 or 32 bar Waltz) Gaelic Melodies: Fagail Lismor / Loch Maruibhe / Cuthag nan Craobh, Dashing White Sergeant (Duke of Perth, Flying Scotsman (or any 8x32bar Reel) Northern Reels: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet / Jimmy Allan / Snouts & Ears / THe Hopeful Lover, A Drop of Brandy (Hornpipe): The Whittingham Rant, The Call of the Pipes (4/4Marches) Set of Marches: Capt.Norman Orr Ewing / Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen / Drouthie Crony, Eva Three or Britannia Two Step (6/8 Marches) Cold Winds: Cold Winds From Wyvis / John Hunt's Welcome to Skipness, The Hebridean (Waltz): The New Hebridean Waltz, The Celebration Reel, Circassian Circle or any 8x32bar Reel: Lady Eliza Lindsay / Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scotch Measure / Duncan & Jean Shaw of Skipness / The Celebration Reel, Highland Schottische (2/4 Schottische) Happy We've Been A' Thegither / The Muck Ceilidh / McPhedran's Strathspey, Pride of Athlone, Waves of Tory, Daniel's Delight (or any 5x48bar Jig) Irish Jigs: Pet o' the Pipers / A Visit to Ireland / Jerry's Beaver Hat / The Hare Among the Corn / The Blackthorn Stick, Pride of Erin Waltz, The Killarney Waltz and Southern Rose Waltz - The Percy French Set: Drumcolliher / THe Emigrant's Letter / The Night That Miss Cooney Eloped, Jacky Tar Two Step, The Baden Powell or Canadian Barn Dance (2/4 Marches) The Old 2/4's: Howes of Bucksburn / The Duchess of Hamilton's Quickstep, Virginia Reel, Chain Double Quadrille (or any 4x48 bar Reel) Dumfries and Galloway Reels: The High Road to Linton / Rhinns of Kells / Foster's Reel / The Teviot Crossing

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