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Canntaireachd - Canntaireachd
Canntaireachd are a group of Gaelic-speaking teenagers from around Inverness, who sing traditional & self-penned Gaelic songs and specialise in vocal harmony.

Disk 1 : Canntaireachd, Coinneach Odhar, Guru Thall Ann An Soaigh, Buain Na Rainich, Orain Luaidh, O Diuram, Choisich Mi, Ma Theid Mise Tuilleadh A Leodhas Nan Cruinneag, Puirt-a-beul, Alleluia, A Hug-a, a Hug-a, Maraiche Nan Cuantan, Gaol Ise, Gaol I, Tearlach Darwin

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