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The Court of Equity
Chiefly In the Scottish Dialect (Songs & Poems of Robert Burns) Vol 1
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The Court of Equity - Chiefly In the Scottish Dialect (Songs & Poems of Robert Burns) Vol 1
Scotland’s very own band,‘The Picts’, in their alter ego image as ‘The Court of Equity’ have released their long awaited first volume of the songs and poems of Scotland’s Bard, Robert Burns. The band’s unique musical style and interpretation of the works of the poet give a lasting impression of their increasing versatility and they hope it will create a new interest in the works, life and influence of Burns. The album contains contributions from many leading lights in the Robert Burns world including a performance from the First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Disk 1 : Killiecrankie, A Man's A Man excerpt, A Man's A Man, John Anderson, My Jo, Address To the Toothache, Ye Banks & Braes o'Bonnie Doon, Death & Doctor Hornbrook, Ye Jacobites By Name, Nithsdale's Welcome Hame, Instrumental: Parcel of Rogues, Instrumental:Charlie, He's My Darling / Duncan Davidson / My Love She's But A Lassie Yet, To A Louse, Ca' the Yowes, Yestreen I Had A Pint o' Wine, Ae Fond Kiss, The Weary Pund o' Tow, Ay Waukin O, McPherson's Farewell, Letter from Burns to Peter Hill

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