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Nicola Benedetti
Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy
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Nicola Benedetti - Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy
The nations favourite violinist Nicola Benedetti celebrates a huge year for Scotland with an album of its most famous and best loved music. Featuring songs such as Loch Lomond, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose and more the album also includes collaborations with leading Scottish folk musicians including well known folk singer Julie Fowlis whose voice can be heard on the Disney Pixar hit film Brave along with Bruchs much loved Scottish Fantasy.

Disk 1 : Bruch: Scottish Fantasy, Op.46 - 1. Adagio cantabile (Rory Macdonald), Bruch: Scottish Fantasy, Op.46 - 2. Scherzo - Allegro; Adagio (Rory Macdonald), Bruch: Scottish Fantasy, Op.46 - 3. Andante sostenuto (Rory Macdonald), Bruch: Scottish Fantasy, Op.46 - 4. Finale (Rory Macdonald), Traditional: Ae Fond Kiss (Rory Macdonald), Traditional: Auld Lang Syne Variations (Nicola Benedetti), Traditional: My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose (Rory Macdonald), Hurricane Set (Phil Cunningham), Traditional: The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh - Banks Hornpipe (Phil Cunningham), Aberlady (Phil Cunningham), Traditional: Mouth Music & Tunes Set (James MacIntosh), The Gentle Light That Wakes Me (Phil Cunningham), Traditional: Coisich a Rùin (Phil Cunningham), Traditional: Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond (Rory Macdonald)

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