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Mary Smith
Sgiath Airgid
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Mary Smith - Sgiath Airgid
A superb long-awaited debut CD. Mary takes Gaelic song along the contemporary line of clarity and emotion. Classic & newer songs of love, of longing, warnings & happiness. From Mary's home district of Ness, Lewis, Uist & Ireland. Excellent backing.

Disk 1 : Cul do chinn, Thior mo shoraid le durachd, Amhran do dh' Aonghas Mac Ailein, Bata Dhomhnaill A Chrogain, A Fhleasgaich Ghuanaich, He' na Filibhig, Marbhrann do Mhacleoid, Saighdear Chaluim Bhain, Duil ri Rubha an t-Siumpain Fhaicinn, Dh'eirich mi moch mhadainn earraich, Bha mi raoir as 'n Taigh-osta, Ill a bho dhubh, An t-torram Niseach, Thainig am Post, Da mBeinn I mo Bhadoir


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