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Da Fustra
A Shetland Dance
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Da Fustra - A Shetland Dance
Shetland's favourite band with Shetland's favourite dances. 21 tracks including the full-blooded, full-length Shetland-style Quadrilles. This lively collection of toe-tapping traditional and not so traditional numbers is a delight from start to finish.

Disk 1 : Grand March (David Hendry's March, Jimmy And Amy Henderson) [Gay Gordons Two-step], Circassian Circle (Dancing The Baby, Johan Elizabeth Jamieson's Favourite ) [Reel 6x32], St. Bernard's Waltz [Hesitation Waltz], Boston Two-step (Sandy's Shetland Stag Week) [Britannia Two-step], Canadian Barn Dance (Ian Powrie's Farewell To Scotland, Captain Campbell) [The Baden Powell], Mississippi Dip (Chinatown, My Chinatown) [Gypsy Tap], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 1 (The Ton, Peat Fire Flame) [Reel 4x32], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 2 (The Telephone Box, Lord Saltoun, Forbes Raeburn Of Huntly) [Reel 4x32], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 3 (As I Was Kissed Yestreen, Black To MacPhail, Elizabeth Campbell's Jig, Rab Smillie's Jig) [Jig 6x32], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 4 (Petronella, Highland Lassie, Lucky Scaup) [Reel 6x32], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 5 (Humber Jumber, Dochy Dhu's Jig, The New Ashludie Rant, Pitteuchar Jig) [Jig 8x32], Shetland Quadrilles Figure 6 (Iain Peterson, Jack Delaney, Pat's Reel, Clancy's Salsa) [Reel 6x32], Accordion Duet (The Moarfield Waltz) [Circle Waltz], Eva Three-step (The Russian Ballet), Palais Glide (Heyken's Serenade), Strip The Willow (Miss Aimee Scott, Miss Maria Stewart's Jig, Ann-Marie Morrison Of Borve, Ian Powrie's Compliments To John Carmichael) [Jig 8x32], Gay Gordons (The Garb Of Old Gaul, J.C. Muir, Banks Of The Nith) [Call Of The Pipes], Dashing White Sergeant (Black Boy, Bitter Lemon Reel) [Reel 6x32], Military Two-step (Colonel Bogey) [FlirtationTwo-step], Old Time Waltz (Skerry Song, Bannocks An' Bursteen An' Brunnies, Wir Lavin d' Day, Beautiful Bountiful Day) [Southern Rose Waltz], Boston Two-step (Harald Maddadsson's Two-step) [Kelvingrove Two-step]

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