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Da Fustra
Dance O' Da Shetland Puffins
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Da Fustra - Dance O' Da Shetland Puffins
Top Shetland band Da Fustra bounce back again with an excellent album of dance music. Two boxes, fiddle, piano, bass and drums make a super lively sound, with Shetland tunes galore. Reels, jigs, waltzes, marches, two-steps, and The Foula Reel.

Disk 1 : Reels - Dance O Da Shetland Puffins, Marie Pottinger's Reel, Calum Donaldson, Waltzes - Ronas Voe, Sunset Over Foula, Da Isles O Gletness, Polkas - Bellevue, Pottinger's Pineapple Polka, Reels - Da Tushkar, The Shetland Fiddler, JohnSpence O Uyeasound, Waltz - Fiona Leask's Waltz, Marches - Carnival, The Guizers' March, Foula Reel - Da Shaalds O Foula, Da Oot Ower Lounge, Don Farquhar O Hoswick, Kirkigirt Noost, Marches - Rob Smith's Wedding, Jarl Squad 2003's Compliments To Towie & District Pipe Band, Two-Step - Olaf Sitricson, Waltz - Magnus' & Dot's Wedding, Reels - Willafjord, Da Peerie Hoose Ahint Da Burn, Da Merry Boys O Greenland, Marches - Thorvald Thoreffon's March, Mousa Broch, Jigs - Lenny Smith Of Heylor, Passing Places, The Show Jig, Two-Step - The Shetland Fisherman's Backstep, Waltz - Doreen's Waltz, Reels - Da Ferry Reel, Da Bonnie Isle O Whalsay, Sleep Soond i Da Mornin', Da Fustra


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