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Various Artists
Accordion Magic Volume 5
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Various Artists - Accordion Magic Volume 5
Another collection of old favourites from some of the top performers, some solo and some with their bands: Bobby MacLeod, Angus Fitchet, Jimmy Shand, Jim Cameron, Ian Powrie and Adam Rennie. An hour of accordion magic.

Disk 1 : I'll Gang Nae Mair tae Yon Toon, Come Let Us Dance and Sing and The Ton (Bobby MacLeod and his Band), Looking for a Partner, Primrose Polka (Angus Fitchet and his Scottish Dance Band), The Listening Waltz (Jimmy Shand), The Golden Pheasant, Sir Torquil Munro, Elizabeth Donald of Mosside and Mrs Grace Bowie (Adam Rennie and his Band), Saddle the Pony, Connaughtman's Rambles and Apples in Winter (Bobby MacLeod), Circassian Circle, When I Look Back at Aberdeen and Kate Dalrymple (Jimmy Shand), The Boys of the Lough, A Rainy Day, and Sleepy Maggie (Bobby MacLeod), Jackie Tar and The Wheelbarrow (Jim Cameron and his Band), Mason's Apron, The Breakdown and Mrs MacLeod (Jimmy Shand), Scottish Reform, Coldside Jig and A.M. Shinnie (Ian Powrie and his Band), Balmoral Highlanders, Jessie Smith, and Rachel Rae (Jimmy Shand), The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, Sally Hunter and Irish Girl (Bobby MacLeod and his Band), Miss Elspeth Campbell, The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell and Captain Keeler (Jimmy Shand), Speed the Plough, Miss Monaghan and The Teetotaller (Bobby MacLeod and his Band), Braes o' Tullimet, Betsy Robertson, and Braes o' Mar (Ian Powrie and his Band), The Dancing Dustman (Jimmy Shand), Looking for a Partner (Angus Fitchet and his Scottish Dance Band), Circassian Circle, Victoria Hornpipe and Babes in the Wood (Jim Cameron and his Band), The Primrose Polka (Adam Rennie), The Road to the Isles, Swannee River and John Peel (Jimmy Shand)

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