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Dochas - Dochas
A brilliant first CD by this all-girl group, at the cutting-edge of Gaelic tradition. Deep, soul-ridden laments; red-hot piping; searingly powerful fiddling & wild tune-sets. Very Gaelic, very contemporary, yet firmly embedded in the tradition.

Disk 1 : Chur Lad Mise Dh'eilean Leam Fhin [They Sent Me Alone To an Island], Irish Jigs: Tobin's Favourite/Danny Anthony's/James Byrne's, The Pashmina: The Pashmina and the Cromag/Back of the Changehouse/The Famou, Waulking Song: Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad Braes of Melinish [It Is I That, Neilidh O' Boyle's: Neilidh O'Boyle's Highland/Duloman na Binnt Bui/Sea, Puirt-a-Beul: Tha Biodag aig MacThomais/Thomson's Dirk/Siod a'Rud a Tho, Miss Elizabeth Garland, Jeenie's Set: Robbie Paterson's/The Marquis of Huntly/Jenna Reid of Qua, Eilean Uibhist Mo Rùin [My Beloved Island Of Uist], Fingal's: Fingal's Weeping/Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness/Nighean ai, Girls Can Polka!: Ray's Classic/Ballydesmond, Pt. 1/Ballydesmond, Pt. 2, Tar The House: The Long Night/Tar the House/Na Goisidich, Am Bròn Binn [The Sweet Sorrow]

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