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Fama Clamosa
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Mackenzie - Fama Clamosa
An astonishingly different CD of Gaelic song. Fiona, Eilidh & Gillian MacKenzie sing traditional songs & some of their own compositions. Nothing wild or loud, all very musical and superbly arranged, but freed from the constraints of the expected.

Disk 1 : Fama Clamosa [Whispering Rumours], Shiùbhlainn A Gheamhraidh (A' Chiad Phàirt) [Winter I Will Travel], Chaidh Na Fir A Scathabhaig (The Men Have Gone to Scavaig)/Chailin Òig, Ma Bhios Tu Fo Mhulad [If You Are Unhappy], Lia Fail [The Stone of Destiny]/Nighean Rua Bhàn [Auburn Lass], A' Chiad Danns' [The First Dance], Ailean Dubh À Lochaidh [Dark Alan from Lochy], Mo Shùil Ad Dhèidh [My Eye is After You (I'm Regretting Your Leaving)], Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad 'S Mi Air Tulaich Na Buaile [I Am Full of Sorro, Nach Truagh Leat Mi 'S Tu'n Eirinn [You Don't Care Much For Me While Yo, Duine Gun Chlì [Man Without Respect]/An Gèam [The Game], Shiùbhlainn A Gheamhraidh (An Darna Pàirt) [Winter I Will Travel], Eilean Fraoich Nam Beann Àrd [The Heather Isle of the High Mountains]


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