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Various Artists
Far Far from Ypres
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Various Artists - Far Far from Ypres
Music of the Great War. CD1 is soldiers' trench and marching songs, music hall favourites, and a pipe band track of tunes of the Scottish regiments. CD2 has a pipe band medley of tunes named after some of the major battles, & lots of songs about the war.

Disk 1 : Your King And Country Need You, Your King And Country Need You, Regimental Tunes, The Last Mile Home, It's a Long Way to Tipperary, Mademoiselle From Armentieres, Fred Karno's Army, We're Home, Living In A Trench, Raining, Minor Worries, If The Sergeant Steals You, Oh! It's A Lovely War, Hush! Here Comes A Whizz Bang, Bombed Last Night, Gassed Last Night, Fritzy Boy, Forward Joe Soap's Army, Pack Up Your Toubles In Your Old Kit Bag, Whiter Than The Whitewash, Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be, Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty, I'll Make Man Of You, I Wore A Tunic, Goodbyee, When This Bloody War Is Over, I Don't Want To Be A Soldier, I Want to Go Home, The Old Battalion, The Bells Of Hell, It's a Long Way to Tipperary, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Sister Suzie Sewing Shirts For Soldiers, The Only Girl in the World, Roses of Picardy, Keep Right On to the End of the Road, The Flowers of the Forest, The Last Post

Disk 2 : ..The Bloody Fields Of Flanders Set (The Army School Of Bagpipe Music And Highland Drummers), In Flanders Fields (Ian Anderson), The Green Fields Of France (The Corries), Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (Jim Malcolm), Black Is the Sun (Steven Palmer), Mothers, Daughters, Wives (The McCalmans), Geordie Mccrae (Robin Laing), And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle), In Memorium (Poem) (Ian Anderson), An Ealan Bhan (The White Swan) (Roddy Macleod), Halloween (Sheena Wellington), Why Old Men Cry (Dick Gaughan), As If He Knows (Eric Bogle), Jimmy Waddell / The Battle Of The Somme (Malinky), Letters From Wilfred (Alan Bell), Only Remembered (The McCalmans), Cha Till MacCruimen (Poem) / MacCrimmon's Lament / MacCrimmon's Sweetheart (Heather Heywood)


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