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Martyn & Margaret Bennett
Glen Lyon (A Song Cycle)
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Martyn & Margaret Bennett - Glen Lyon (A Song Cycle)
Glen Lyon is a song-cycle which takes its name from a remote area in the Central Highlands of Scotland. It is also the site of one of the most beautiful and haunting Gaelic laments known as Griogal Cridhe. Both the song and the place have long been a source of fascination for me. Like many areas of Gaelic Scotland, there was once a rich and vibrant culture that knew nothing of its own remoteness or the impending wave of change that would sadly and inevitably dissipate its seed across the globe.

Disk 1 : Peter Stewart, 1910, Buain A, Choirce (Reaping Song), Suid Mar Chuir Mi 'N Geamhradh Tharram (Nightvisiting Song), Uamh an Oir (Cave of Gold), A Fhleasgaich Ã?ir, Leanainn Thu (Young Man, I'd Follow You), Hò Rinn O (Unrequited Love Song), A Thearlaich Ã'ig (Oh Young Charles Stewart), Cumha Lain Gairbh (Lament for John Macleod of Ramsay), Hiùraibh Ã', Ghràidh an Tig Thu? (Will You Return, My Love?), DH, Ã?irich Mi Moch Maduinn Chàitinn... (Walking Song), Air Bhith Dhòmhsa (In Praise of Brothers, Happy), Cumha Mhic Criomain (MacCrimmon's Lament), Oran Nam Mogaisean (Indian Moccasin Song), Fhir A, Leadain Thlàth (Lad with Smooth Tresses), Griogal Cridhe (Glen Lyon's Lament)

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