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Various Artists
Heat The Hoose 2
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Various Artists - Heat The Hoose 2
An incredible array of the finest fiddling talents: The Wrigley Sisters, Eilidh Shaw, John McCusker, Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Russell Hunter, and many more of the guests at Fiddle 2000, the huge fiddle festival.

Disk 1 : George McHardy / Miller o' Drone / The Rejected Lover / Hazy Hill (Aidan O'Rourke), Starter for Twelve (Kris Drever), Donegal tune / The Tartar Frigate / The Waves of Rush (Liz Doherty), Beautiful Lake Ainslie. (Kenny Fraser), Tune for Frankie / Mutt's Favourite / Ril Ghearoid Ui Chroinin (Aaron Jones), Boys of the Puddle / The Scullion's Wife (Iain MacDonald), Ola Backstrom's tune (Eilidh Shaw), Maeve's Tune / Rannie MacLellan / My Kindly Sweetheart / The Ale is Dear (Maeve Gilchrist), Seamus Connely's / Humours of Lisadell / Reel of Rio (Ewan MacPherson), Jean Mauchline / Tune for Nuala (Anna Wendy Stevenson), Shelley's Reel / Untitled / Major Campbell Graham MBE (Simon Bradley), The Princess' Polka / Unknown / Sean McGuire's (Hazel Wrigley), Missinyersel / The Olympian / Andy Coogan's Jig (David Francis), Annie Laurie (Russell Hunter), The Gates of Mullagh / Stasia's Reel / The Dark Horse Reel (Clare McLaughlin), The Beard and Bees' Knees (Douglas Caskie)

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