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Tommy Newcomen
Lets Have A Ceilidh
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Tommy Newcomen - Lets Have A Ceilidh
A nice simple album of box tunes for ceilidh dancing. Play it quietly for a bit of surreptitious practise, or full-blast for a bit of a party! He looks like quite a big fella does oor Tommy. But light enough on his feet to trek across the country to villages, towns and lots of countryside playing the 'box'. It all moves fairly fast so you might need at least a couple of viewings to catch all of the action. After that you can relax and enjoy.

Disk 1 : Hand Clapper: Let's Have A Ceilidh - The Banjo Breakdown., Gay Gordons Two Step: Macpherson's Rant - Lass o' Levenval - Lights of Lochindaal - Here's To the Gordons., Flirtation or Military Two Step: Fall In & Follow Me - The Quartermaster's Store - I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Hello Hello Who's Your Ladyfriend., Pride of Erin / New Killarney Waltz: Irish Lullaby - Endearing Young Charms - Wild Irish Rose - Mountains of Mourne - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling., Black Mountain Reel - 5 x 32: Dalrulziuon Ceilidh - Hooper & Girder - Rattling Bog - Menstrille Castle., Modern Waltz: The Green Fields of France., Postie's Jig: The Frisky - Harvest Time - Miss Jean Rough - Miss Maria Stewart., Square Tango: I Could Have Danced All Night - Strangers In the Night., Eva Three Step: Drumloist - Leaving Port Askaig., Gay Gordons: Bobby Brown's Welcome to Scotland - The Crusader's March - Drumloch Cottage., Lomond Waltz: Grannie's Highland Hame - Dark Lochnagar., Reels - 5 x 32: Teribus - Miss E.Lyall - Waves of Tory - The Hopeful Lover., Jigs - 5 x 32: Barrack's Jig - Malcolm Ross - Lemonville Jig - Bonnie Dundee., White Heather Foxtrot: Horsey Horsey - John Brown - Show Me the Way To Go Home - Keep the Home Fires Burning - Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing - The Lambeth Walk., Britannia Two Step: The Stien Song - The Dambusters., Virginia Reel: Little Brown Jug - Yankee Doodle Dandy - Skip To My Lou - Goodnight Ladies - The Girl I Left Behind Me - Marching Through Georgia - Wheezy Anna - The Saints - Grandfather's Clock - The Happy Wanderer.

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