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Lewis and Harris Accordion and Fiddle Club
Our Favourites 2
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Lewis and Harris Accordion and Fiddle Club - Our Favourites 2
The second CD from the Accordion & Fiddle club again showcases the talents of members young & old. Solos, duos and groups perform, in mainly pure traditional style, a diverse selection of jigs, reels, marches, slow airs and waltzes.

Disk 1 : Anna Fraser - Jigs Padraig Og, Slalom Skier (John Barnes) John Paterson's Mare (PM D MacLeod), Alex Murdo MacLeod - Gaelic Waltzes Ochoin a righ gur e mi tha muladach Soraidh leis a bhreacan ur Is truagh nach robh mi comhla ruit An' tèid thu leum mo nighean dònn, Violet Morrison - 2/4 Marches Ross-shire Volunteers (J Connon) Dr Dorothy Main (J MacInnes), D.B. MacLeod - 6/8 Marches George M MacLeod of Aignish (DB MacLeod) Iain MacPhail's Compliments to Ian Peterson of Ardnamurchan (I MacPhail), Gillian Johnson - March, Strathspey & Reel Braes of Castle Grant (Duncan MacDonald, 3rd & 4th parts PM G S MacLennan) Laird of Dunblair (JS Skinner) Masons Apron (Trad), Donna MacDonald - Waltz & 2/4 March An T-eala bhan Major Manson of Clachantrushal (PM D MacLean), Iain Angus MacLeod - Retreat & Reels The Battle's Over (Trad) Duncan Johnstone (PM D MacLeod) Peter MacKinnon of Skeabost (Dr John MacAskill), Alex Morrison - 3/4 March & Polka Memories of Valerie (Ian Crichton) Ishbel Crichton's Polka (Ian Crichton), Duncan Gordon - 2/4 Marches Braes of Brecklett (W Laurie) PM Donald MacLeod's Farewell to Fort George (Alex M MacIver), Archie MacKillop - 6/8 Marches Kenneth J MacLeod (Peter R MacLeod) Miss Audrey MacKenzie (Ian Crichton), Ishbel Crichton - 4/4 Marches The Glassfield Ladies (Ian Crichton) Joan 'Soapy' MacPhail (Ian Crichton), Willie MacDonald - 2/4 Marches Murdo MacLeod (arr. Willie MacDonald) Edinburgh Volunteers, Campbell Scanlon - Slow Air Sarah's Song (P Cunningham), Anne Louise Stewart - Reels The Guga Hunter (Blair Douglas) Clumsy Lover (Neil Dickie), Ian 'Tonkan' MacDonald - Slow Air & Waltz Margaret MacDonald of Coll (Ian 'Tonkan' MacDonald), Graham MacLennan - 6/8 Marches Donald MacLean of Lewis (PM D MacLeod) Heights of Cassino (D MacRae), Chirsty Watt & Josie Duncan - Slow Air Thig am bàta (arr. C Watt & J Duncan), Stuart Taylor - Jigs Donella Beaton (G Johnstone) Hens March (PM D MacLeod), Leody's Young Fiddlers - Waltzes & 4/4 March Four Marys, Skye Boat Song, Scotland the Brave (all Trad), A.J. MacLeod - 2/4 Marches Willie McColl (W Lawrie) Clan McColl (Angus MacColl), Woodlands Ceilidh Band - Traditional Tunes I bhi ada, Getting Late, Calum Beag Reel of Fair Maiden, Campbell MacIver - 9/8 Marches Heights of Dargai (J Wallace) Battle of the Somme (W Lawrie), Emma MacDonald Whistling Rufus (Kerry Mills)

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