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Peat Fire Flame and Stovies
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Corries - Peat Fire Flame and Stovies
Two CDs for the price of one. Great albums when they first came out in 1978 and 1980, and they stand the test of time well. Sad songs and funny songs, and downright filthy such as The Bantam Cock!

Disk 1 : Leezie Lindsay, Braw Braw Lads, Peat Fire Flame, Mormond Braes, Come By The Hills, White Cockade, Barge O'Gorrie Crovan, Turn Ye Tae Me, Eriskay Love Lilt, Wee Cooper Of Fife, Lord Gregory, Poachers

Disk 2 : Bloody Sarks, Bonnie Moorhean, Birnie Boozle, Country Western Medley, Broom O' The Cowdenknowes, Bantam Cock, Dumbarton's Drums, Standard On The Brae's O' Mar, Lucille, Arkinholm, Blackbird, Bricklayer's Song, Welcome Royal Charlie

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