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Rikki Fulton
Reverend IM Jolly - A Man For All Seasons
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Rikki Fulton - Reverend IM Jolly - A Man For All Seasons
Rikki Fulton's IM Jolly A Man For All Season: - Dearly bewildered we are gathered here today to celebrate a year in the life of the most Reverend IM Jolly. Witness catastrophes of biblical proportions and holy bedlam staring in spring where a (not so) young man's fancy turns to love. As the happy couple prepare to jet off on honeymoon our hapless minister prepares to spend a night in jail.Summer finds the good Reverend in Edinburgh for the General Assembly and in autumn his generosity knows no bounds.Finally the winter of discontent - Jolly's daydreams of a better life keep him warm amid the winter snow but alas even in his dreams things do not go to plan.Yea verily this classic programme of the comic genius of Rikki Fulton will have you rolling in the aisles. Not so much loaves and fishes but pies and Irn Bru. The moral of this story is let us gives thanks to the Reverend for he is good and behold his gift of mirth is bountiful. (Pal)
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