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Various Artists
Shetland Accordion And Fiddle Festival - 25th Anniversary
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Various Artists - Shetland Accordion And Fiddle Festival - 25th Anniversary
The Shetland Accordion And Fiddle Festival has just celebrated their 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion an album has been released. This album brings you a insight as to just how wonderful the music has been. Over 43 acts performed at six concerts. There are 17 on here to give you a taster! Perhaps this is a festival that should be on your bucket list!

Disk 1 : Two Step: Teenie O' Crugafirth (Callum Nicolson Band), Medley: Carnival March - Billy's Welcome to Canons Park - Fladdabister Rant (Maggie Adamson & Brian Nicholson), Reels: Martin & Amy Leasko' Windyheights - The Globetrotters Reel - Angela & Steven Brevik's Reel - Auld Willie Blance o' Graven (Drewie Hawick & Friends), Waltzes: Da Dance o' Da sooth Wast Wind - Firelicht Waltz - Lilian (Jimmy Burgess Band), Jigs: Jessie's Jig - A Sip of Green Tea (Ryan Couper), Medley: The Skerries Wedding March - Lenny Smith of Heylor - The Calgary Fiddlers' Welcome to Shetland (Ceilidh Pukkels), Reels: George's Reel - Rhoda's Bonhoga - Da Tug Boys' Rant (Liza Fullerton & Alison Kay Ramsay), Waltz: Waltz to Lauren (David Halcrow Band), Two Step: Gutrom the Dane 1994 - Trip to Bute (Da Fustra), Polka: Pattullo's Polka (Brian Morrison), Slow Air: Anne's Peerie Tune (Bryan Gear & Violet Tulloch), 4/4 Marches: Kol Kalison's March - Queen of the North - Martin Yule (James Leask Band), Medley: Da Wastside Brides March - Da Muckle Reel o' Papa - Benort Da Daeks o' Voe (Birls Aloud), Reels: Da Shallow Fish Reel - Dee an' Me - Peerie Smoot - Da Quick Fit Hom (Leeshinat), Waltz: Gift o' Da Gab (Kirsten Hendry & Merran Nugent), 6/8 Marches: The Burns of Fairfield - Inspector Arnold Duncan's Farewell to the Northern Constabulary - Eddie Harold (Peter Wood Band), Two Step: Da Naked Jarl's Two Step (The Cullivoe Band)

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