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Iain Anderson
Silver Strings
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Iain Anderson - Silver Strings
Sumptuous slow airs, jaunty jigs, full-bodied rampant reels and a seditiously seductive waltz all flow from the curvetting bow of supremely accomplished young Edinburgh fiddler Iain Anderson.

Disk 1 : The Carpenter - The Left Handed Fiddler - The Turnhouse Reel - Violet Tulloch's Hornpipe, Nutty Broon - Banish Misfortune - Auntie's Jig, Eppie's Tune, MacFadden's Reel - 93 Ks to Paradise - The Drakow Dawn - Lad O'Beirne's, Niel Gow's Lament For the Death of his Second Wife, The White Petticoat - The Price of A Pig - Apples In Winter - Abercairney Tom, Rhona's Waltz - Donna's Waltz, Da Tushker - Sleep Soond Ida Mornin' - Miss Susan Cooper - The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to Shetland, Thunderhead - The Famous Baravan - Dick Gossip's Reel - The Reconciliation, Molly's Reel - The Islay Rant - The Teatotallers - Trip to Windsor, Sunset Over Foula - Rona's Voe - A Starry Night In Shetland, Cronin's Fancy - Toss the Feathers - The Hangovedr Pee


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