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Various Artists
Tartan Top Twenty - Greatest Accordion Hits
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Various Artists - Tartan Top Twenty - Greatest Accordion Hits
All the top bands, and many of the favourite tunes gathered together into twenty tracks of great accordion-led music. Jim Johnstone, Calum MacLean, Tommy Ford, Bobby MacLeod, Ian Holmes, Fergie MacDonald, Callum Wilson, Iain McLachlan, Colin Campbell.. .

Disk 1 : Drowsy Maggie (Original tune) (Jim Johnston), Caddam woods (Calum MacLean), Bluebell polka (Calum MacLean), Dark island (Ian McLachlan), Traditional pipe reel set (Smith of Chilliechassie) (Calum MacLean), Bonnie lass o' bon accord (Tommy Ford), Mason's apron (Calum MacLean), March hare (Allan Roy), Dashing white sergeant (Calum MacLean), Jaqueline waltz (Calum MacLean), Skyline of Skye (Stuart Anderson), Jean's reel/High level hornpipe/President Garfield (Bobby MacLeod & His Music), Whistling Rufus (Colin Campbell), Para Handy (Calum MacLean), Amazing Grace (Allan Roy), Liberty bell (Jim Johnston), Addie Harper's/Maureen's jig/Ness Bothan (Fergie MacDonald), Northlands (Ian Holmes), Liberton pipe band (Calum MacLean), Thingummyjig polka (Jim Johnston), Man's a man/Star o'Rabbie Burns (Callum Wilson Scottish Dancing Band)

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