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Will Starr
The Early Years Volume 1
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Will Starr - The Early Years Volume 1
These CDs bring back to life the astonishing virtuosity of the original 78's, these recordings are extremely clear, with very little of the 'quacky' quality common on discs at that time, 1945 to 1951.

Disk 1 : Martelette Polka, Jacqueline Waltz, Medley Of Jigs, Medley Of Hornpipes, Cuckoo Waltz, Bluebird Polka, Household Brigade, Boston Two Step, Serenade (Staunchen), Happy Hours (Polka), Kate Dalrymple, The Ash Grove, The Lass O'Bon Accord, Bluebells of Scotland, Scottish Waltz Medley, Medley Of Hornpipes, Quickstep Medley, Eightsome Reel

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