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Various Artists
The Flooers O' The Forest
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Various Artists - The Flooers O' The Forest
This year is the 500th Anniversary of The Battle of Flodden when an English Army crushed a Scottish Army. This was slaughter, on both sides, on a terrible scale. The album (2 x CDs at single CD price) is dedicated to the memory of all those who fell on the bloody battlefield in September, 1513.

Disk 1 : Flooers o' The Forest (Dick Gaughan), Ettrick (Archie Fisher/Garnet Rogers), Flodden's Green Loaning (Celticburn), Lord Yester (Lau vs Karine Polwart), Flodden Field (Steve McDonald), The Flodden Ride (Rob Bell), Flodden Field (The Owel Service/Alison O'Donnell), The Bonnie Banner Blue (Children of Drumlanrig and St. Cuthbert's Primary School Hawick), The Recruiting Service Drum/Sons of Heroes (McCalman/Quigg/Bayne), Sorrowlessfield (Karine Polwart), Auld Selkirk (Gary Cleghorn), The Wail of Flodden (Scocha), Soutars o' Selkirk/The Deid Cat (Drinkers' Drouth with Davy Stee), The Ears of The Wolf (Robin Laing), The Flooers o' The Forest (Gary West)

Disk 2 : Flodden Hill (Iain Anderson); (Iain Anderson), The Tale of Richard Lawson (John Shedden); (John Shedden), The Warning to The King at Linlithgow (Iain Anderson); (Iain Anderson), The Flodden Dead Mass (John Shedden); (John Shedden), Edinburgh After Flodden (John Shedden); (John Shedden), Flodden (Iain Anderson); (Iain Anderson), Flodden (Marmion)/Flooers o' The Forest (Alastair McDonald). (Alastair McDonald)

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