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Wallochmor Ceilidh Band
The Highlander's Companion
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Wallochmor Ceilidh Band - The Highlander's Companion
Wallochmor Ceilidh Band was originally formed by Sandy Coghill and Freeland Barbour (who had been playing with Silly Wizard).

Disk 1 : Irish Jigs: Tekeli - The Devil in Dublin - The Reel of Mey - Nora Crionna, Canadian Barn Dance: The Conundrum - The Skye Crofters, St.Bernard's Waltz: The North Isles Waltz - The Green Valley - Svenska Anna, Broon's Reel or Duke of Perth: The Duke of Perth - Teribus - Davie Nick Nack - Maillie Lee, Eva ThreeStep: Bengulllion - Brian Webb's March to the O.B.Store, Jacky Tar TwoStep: Jimmy Learmonth Polka - Jimmy o'the Bu', Gay Gordons: The Hills of Perth - The 25thK.O.S.B.'s Farewell to Meirut, Corn Rigs - Reels: Original - The Wandering Drummer - This Is No' My Ain Lassie - Norman Whitelaw, Old Time Waltz: Welcome Christmas Morning, Wee Todd - Jigs: Original - Ronnie Hunter - sweet Biddy Daly, Polka: The Royal Scots Polka, Retreat Marches:The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein - Lochanside - When the Battle's O'er, Pride of Erin Waltz: The Shores of Americay - County Longford - Brosnan's Capers - The Haight Ashbury Waltz, Hornpipe & Reel: Dr.MacDonald's Fancy - John Keith Laing, Final Dose

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