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Luke Daniels
The Mighty Box
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Luke Daniels - The Mighty Box
A thoughtful and provocative album combining beautifully crafted arrangements with performances from all three players that are outstanding in their own right. Luke (accordion) is joined by Theresa Kavanagh (fiddle) and Mike Galvin (Les Paul guitar).

Disk 1 : South of the Grampians; Laurel's Reel ; The Siesta., Raogha an Ghabha; Jolly Tinker; Gan Ainm., Australian Waters; Langstrom's Pony; Gan Ainm., Gan Ainm; Carmel O'Mahoney Mulhaire; President Garfield's HP., The Jug of Punch; Eddie Kelly's; Black Pat's., Gan Ainm; Dooley Dooley Dank is it's Name; If I Had A Wife., Cailleach an Airgid; Return to Burton Road; The Cordal Jig., Little Johnie's Hame; Fisherman's Island; Dinkie Dorrian's; Gladstone's Reel., The Lone Bush; Gan Ainm; Hand Me Down the Tackle, Good Morning Mr Magpie; The Crooked Priest; Dow's Wager., The Iron Man; The Swan; Milton.

Disk 2 : Anne Lacey; Bean a Ti ar Lar; Wes & Maggie's Ceili Croft., Gooseberry Bush; The Rainy Day; Spike Island Lasses., Larry's Favourite; Gan Ainm; Roddy McDonald's., First Day of Summer; McDonagh's Reel; Lucy Campbell., Gan Ainm; Patsy Geary's; The Doberman's Wallet., Paddy Fahy's; Gan Ainm; Never Was Piping So Gay., Brendan Ring's; Ronan Ryan's; Richard Dwyer's., Finnegan's Ascent of Dhaulagiri; The Big Dipper, Gan Ainm; A Parcel of Land; The Bag of Money., Martin Wynne's #4; Andy McGann's; The Ivy Leaf., The Banks, Mary Mac's; The Night Flight to Chile; History of the World in 100 Objects.

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