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Tom Anderson
The Silver Bow: the Fiddle Music of Scotland
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Tom Anderson - The Silver Bow: the Fiddle Music of Scotland
Tom Anderson MBE, fiddler, composer, folklorist and teacher, was a profoundly influential figure in Shetland music. Tom, Aly Bain, Trevor Hunter and Davie Tulloch play fiddle in various groupings. An essential album.

Disk 1 : Jack Broke Da Prison Door/Donald Blue/Sleep Soond, Lasses Trust In Providence/Bonnie Isle O'Whalsay, Da Day Dawn/Da Cross Reel, Shive Her Up/Ahint Da Deakes O'Voe, Da Silver Bow, Auld Foula Reel/Wynadepla, Da Slockit Light/Smith O'Couster/Da Grocer, Da Auld Resting Chair/Hamnavoe Polka/Maggie's Reel, Bridal March/Da Bride's A Bonnie Ting, Jack Is Yet Alive/Auld Clettenroe, Da Mill/Doon Da Rooth, Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes/Wha'll Dance Wi' Wattie, Bush Below Da Gairden, Soldier's Joy, Shetland Moods, Dean Brig/Banks, Ferrie Reel/Lay Dee At Dee/Spencie's Reel, Up An'doon The Harbour/Lucky Can You Link Ony, Silvery Voe/Pottinger's Reel, If I Get A Bonnie Lass/Jeannie Shoke Da Bairn, Auld Swaara, Faroe Rum/Aandowin' At Da Bow, Mrs Jamieson's Favourite/Lady Mary Ramsay, All Da Ships Ir Sailin'/Sheldor Geo/Mak A Kishie Needle Dye, Freddie's Tune/Da Blue Yow, Full Rigged Ship/New Rigged Ship, Naanie An' Betty/A Yow Cam To Wir Door Yarmin, Maggie O'Ham/Da Foula Shaalds, Come Agen Ye're Welcome/Da Corbie An' Da Craw, Ian S Robertson/Madam Vanoni

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