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Film and TV
The Vital Spark
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Film and TV - The Vital Spark
Join the original crew of the good ship Vital Spark on their precarious voyage of life through the uncharted seas of change. Or more precisely - up and down the Clyde.In A Drop o' the Real Stuff wily Captain Para Handy gets the crew involved in whisky smuggling and in Bad Luck Cargo never the one to miss an opportunity the Cap'n takes possession of an unwanted headstone with a view to making a killing on the resale.It's near mutiny when the crew of the Vital Spark are invited to the wedding of the year - all except Dan... having been at sea for a considerable time it's inevitable that the odd Quarrel will break out. And the sparks really fly when the Cap'n gives Dan his jotters - is it the end of the line for the Vital Spark and her crew?Finally enjoy a Highland Voyage with the crew old and new aboard the steamer as she takes a musical journey around the Scottish isles.A welcome return for an old comedy classic which truly has stood the test of time and is a must for any connoisseur of classic Scottish comedy.The only remaining episodes of the classic BBC series. (Pal)
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