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Adam McNaughtan
The Words That I Used to Know
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Adam McNaughtan - The Words That I Used to Know
Legendary Glaswegian teacher and singer/songwriter. This double CD contains the music from Adam's first two albums. It includes his amazing Glasgwegian version of Hamlet, and his classics The Jeely Piece Song and Yellow On The Broom.

Disk 1 : The Jeely Piece Song, School Songs, Dance Noo Laddie, They're Pullin'Doon The Building Next Tae Oors, Mammie Sons, Old Annie Annie Brown, Jail Songs, Ludgin' Wi Big Aggie, A Wee Drappie O't, The Glasgow That I Used To Know, Music Hall Fragments, The Transportation Ballad, Football Songs, The Derry & Cumberland Boys, Bonnie Wee Country Lass, Street Songs, Haddie In The Pan, Now That You're Gone

Disk 2 : The Glasgow That I Used To Know, Rap Tap Tap / The Coming Of The Wee Malkies / Chinese Songs / Lament For A Lost Dinner-Ticket / The Teacher's Rant, Airn John, The West End Perk Serenade, Nursing Fathers, The Hail Week o'The Fair, The Glasgow Sunday School, The Yellow On The Broom, The Glasgow Courtship, Robin Tamson's Smiddy, Fitba' Crazy, Blood Upon The Grass, The Lion & The Glove, We Will Not Have A Motorway, Our Hamlet

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