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Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band
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Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band - Unplugged
Northern Ireland's premier Grade 1 pipe band formed in Carryduff near Belfast in 1945. They have been competing ever since, with some considerable success in recent years. This concert at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow demonstrates their abilities well.

Disk 1 : Jig: Drew James MacIntosh, Hornpipes: The Sorcerer, The Crumbling Stack, Reels: The Devil In The Kitchen, The Swallow Tailed Coat, Bean Phedrain, Lord Ramsey's Reel, Solo (Alistair Dunn): The Homewrecker, Susan Lazell's, Miss Ann McKechnie, The Galtee Rangers, MSR: The Clan McRae Society, Susan MacLeod, Charlie's Welcome, Jigs: The Haitain Sensation, Karen Nuttall, Alex MacDonald, Marjorie Lowe, The Calm Before The Storm, Duet (Brian Martin/Scott Drummond): The Jewel Of A Hundred Years, John Roy Stewart, Dr MacPhail's Reel, Jenny Dang The Weaver, The Famous Bridge, Rory Gallagher, Merrily Danced To the Quakers Wife, Qu, Drum Fanfare: Drum Fanfare, Jigs: Tripping Up The Stairs, The Hag At The Kiln, My Darling Asleep, Tripping Up The Stairs, Medley: Kilt Rock, The Shepherd's Crook, Cabar Feidh, Christopher's Birthday, Hornpipes: Ducking And Diving, The Waterman, Waltzes: The Maestro And The Minnos, No Bottle, Song (Annabell Drummond): "Ho Ro Ille Dhuinn Shunndaich", Medley: The Sandpiper, Archie Beag, Bronnies Blue Brozzie, La Baum, Lady Madelina Sinclair, Stirling Castle, Sleepy Maggie, Tail Toddle, Francis Morton's, Suite: The Calm Before The Storm, Hornpipes: Stevie's First Bar, The Three Devils, 3/4's: Lochanside, Dream Valley Of Glendaruel, The Bloody Fields Of Flanders, Reels: Creatively Blocked, Richard Dwyer's, Leaving The Ceilidh, Break Your Bass, Dancing Feet

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