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Alasdair Gillies
Airgiod Is Or/Silver And Gold
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Alasdair Gillies - Airgiod Is Or/Silver And Gold
Includes a Song Sheet sleeve along wit hte English translation, 12 great Gaelic tracks.

Disk 1 : Suas Leis A' Ghaidhig/Exalt The Gaelic Language, Buain A' Choirce/Islay Reaper's Song, Taladh Chriosda/The Christ Child Lullaby, Nam Aonar Le Mo Smaointean/Alone With My Thoughts, An Fhaidhir Mhuileach/The Mull Fair, Cumha Mhic Criomain/MacCrimmon's Lament, Medley/Foal Hill/Filoro/Last Night, Psalm 65 Verse 1 Tune French/Psalm 65 Verse 1, Mhnathan A Ghlinne So/Women Of This Glen, Muile Nam Fuar-Bheann Mor/Mull Of The Cold High Mountains, Mo Chailin Dileas Don/My Dark Haired Maid, Oidche Mhath Leibh/Goodnight To You


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