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Ceilidh Minogue
There Y'are Now
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Ceilidh Minogue - There Y'are Now
The second album from this popular, lively ceilidh band, which has a fun outlook, as well as a fun name. Individually talented musicians from many of the top Scottish bands join here in a well-rounded, up-beat, but danceable sound.

Disk 1 : Gay Gordon's: Dornoch Links - Barren Rocks - Heilan' Laddie - The Black Bear - Jim Anderson's Delight, The Witches Reel: king's Reel - Lads of Laoish - Janine's Reel - Greenfields of Greentown, Medley: Margaret's Fancy - MacKenzie Hay - Dr.Morrison's Seven Thistles - Donald MacLean of Lewis, The Dasher: MacArthur's Roads - Jean's Reel - Hughie Shorties - Trip To Windsor - The Ness Pipers - The Harris/Skye Dance. - Dashing White Sergeant, Gaelic Waltz: Farewell/Leaving Stornoway - Sunset Over Foula - Ronas Voe, The Jigs: Haste to the Wedding - Jim McAllister's Jig - Stan Chapman - The Sailor's Wife, The Barn Dance: Tam Bain's Lum - Major Manson's Farewell to Clachantrushal, Veleta Waltz: Veleta - DonauWellen - Over the Waves, Circassian Circle: Original - Deveron Reel - Lord Randall's Bride - Bill Sutherland - Hunter Hill, The Two Step: Looking For A Partner - Frank Jamieson's 2-step, Bennachie Sunrise, The Stripper: Snug In A Blanket - Kenny MacDonald's Jig - Blow My Chanter - The Famous Baravan - Da Tushker - The New High Level

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