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Marian Anderson & Her Scottish Dance Band
Fisherman's Reel
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Marian Anderson & Her Scottish Dance Band - Fisherman's Reel
Another superb recording from Marian and the band. Lively sets for a variety of dance styles make this album great for listening as well as for dancing.

Disk 1 : Pinewood Two Step: Inglis Hutchison of Dalkieth, Shiftin' Bobbins - Reel 8x32: Dirk Kommer's Reel - Bessie Bell's Reel - Itchy Fingers - Jessie Stewart's Welcome to Dufftown, Kirrie March: Sherriff A.C. McPherson of THe Glasgow Highland Club - Kenny Allan - Billy & Alice Hutton's Ruby Wedding, Florentine Waltz: Charness Waltz, The Bees o' Maggie Knockater - Jig 4x32: Hartigan's Fancy - Shira's Jig - Christine M.Philips - Apples in Winter, Canadian Barn Dance: Douchie McCalum's Farewell to Sotland - Aimee Mae, Slow Air: Summer Sunset, Elephant Stampede - Jig 4x48: Nellie the Elephant - Teddy Bear's Picnic - The Runaway Train - Pop Goes the Weasel, Scottish Waltz: Donna's Waltz - The Young Octagenarian, Jacqueline Cha Cha: Never On A Sunday - Kiss Me Honey, Honey, Gay Gordon's Two Step: Brian Webb's March - Highlander Gordon Pirie, Snake Pass - Jig 8x32: Willie Walsh's Jig - Tripping Up the Stairs - The Gander in the Pratie Hole - Paddy Clancy's, New Killarney Waltz: Tramps & Hawkers - Both Sides of the Tweed, White Heather Foxtrot: Drums of Fife, Fisherman's Reel - Reel 5x32: Lovat's Reel - Willfjord - My Friend Gill - Billy Nicholson - Zephyr LK94

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